Number Plates Of Northern Ireland And Their Location I.D. Tags.

Published: 29th August 2009
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Northern Irish registrations are issued by the D.V.L.N.I. (Driver Vehicle Licensing Northern Ireland) and are Dateless Plates as they do not contain a year identifier number. Combinations of letters are allocated to specific areas in Northern Ireland, and are issued on a first come first served bases in a similar way to dateless number plates of main land Britain from 1932 to 1963.

In Northern Ireland the current number plate system takes the form

A.B.C. 1000.

B and C are the tag letters that represent the county or city in which the vehicle was registered and A denotes the position in the series. The numbering begins at 1000 and ends at 9999. After 9999, the next letter in alphabetical order will be used at position A and the numbering series will run from 1000 to 9999 once again. The list of current county codes appears below.

The county identification letters were previously used without the series position identifier number, in the same order that they are now being used. Once all these registrations had been issued, the extra letter was added to increase capacity. Numbers below 1000 are not issued to the public but instead held back by the D.V.A. and sold as personalized number plates.

This system was also used in the Republic of Ireland until 1986 as part of the original British, all Ireland system. It was similar to an older system used on the main land but with one more number (mainland was A.A.A. 999 and Ireland was A.A.A. 9999). It also used the letters I and Z which were not used on the main land. In this system, two letter county codes existed for all counties or administrative regions in Ireland, but are now used only in Northern Ireland.

The D.V.A. in Northern Ireland is considering adopting the system used in the rest of the UK, using I as the first letter.

The D.V.L.N.I. (Driver Vehicle Licensing Northern Ireland) is the body responsible for the management and distribution of number plates in Northern Ireland. But Irish registrations are not restricted to vehicles in Northern Ireland. They can be used on the British main land as cherished number plates as a cheap way of hiding the age of a vehicle and like dateless registrations of the main land, Irish number plates can be put on vehicles of any age.

Below is a table of examples of Irish number plate ID tags:

A.Z Belfast

B.Z Down

C.Z Belfast

D.Z Antrim

E.Z Belfast

F.Z Belfast

G.Z Belfast

H.Z Tyrone

I.A Antrim

I.B Armagh

I.G Fermanagh

I.J Down

I.L Fermanagh

I.W Londonderry

J.I Tyrone

J.Z Down

K.Z Antrim

L.Z Armagh

M.Z Belfast

N.Z Londonderry

O.I Belfast

O.Z Belfast

P.Z Belfast

R.Z Antrim

S.Z Down

T.Z Belfast

U.I Derry City

U.Z Belfast

V.Z Tyrone

W.Z Belfast

X.I Belfast

X.Z Armagh

Y.Z Londonderry

Q.N.I Re registration

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